Local Headlines 7-11-18

Salt Lake Tribune

Gehrke: Mia Love’s pivot on Utah’s outdoors smells like an election-year conversion

The Utah Gun Exchange is following the Parkland students around the country to combat their call for more gun laws

Utah’s Orrin Hatch criticizes the new normal that Republicans have also perpetuated — instant opposition to a president’s Supreme Court nominee

Final election results show Salt Lake City Democrats Derek Kitchen and Jen Dailey-Provost won their close primary elections

As scandal-tainted Utah Transit Authority seeks to correct course, some Salt Lake County Council members worry board nominees wouldn’t represent a ‘fresh start’

Deseret News

Raph Hancock: If the Supreme Court isn’t our sovereign, who is?

Hatch vows to do all in his power to confirm Kavanaugh to Supreme Court

Does Utah have a Boston Tea Party problem with water?

Mitt Romney on ticket helps boost nefarious web traffic to 1B daily

Chinese diplomat visiting Utah says trade war would yield no winners

Exclusive: Sen. Mike Lee on the one thing he wishes every American understood about the Supreme Court


Provo ranked as second-best run city in the U.S. (Daily Herald)

Frontrunners hold onto leads as Utah County primary election results finalized (Daily Herald)

With local funding solid, new details emerge on Ogden BRT project (Standard-Examiner)