Rep. Love passes fourth bill in the U.S. House

The House passed Congresswoman Love’s Juab County Conveyance Act (H.R. 3777) by voice vote.

H.R. 3777 would convey just over two acres of long unused Forest Service property, located in Nephi, to Juab County. The property will then be used to house the County’s fire mitigation efforts. Specifically, it would be used by the Special Service Fire District, which provides fire protection services for the incorporated communities, unincorporated private properties, and public lands located within the county.

“I’m excited to help the people of Juab County secure the resources they need to protect their land and communities,” Rep. Love said. “Passing this bill through the House means the County is one step closer to having important facilities to effectively mitigate and suppress fires within the region. This common-sense, cost-effective solution will benefit residents and property throughout the County, as well as federal lands. I appreciate the bipartisan support we received today and look forward to moving this legislation to the President’s desk.”

H.R. 3777 is Congresswoman Love’s fourth bill passed through the House during the 115thCongress, one of which has been signed into law. The bill now heads to the Senate for approval.