Local Headlines 7-19-18

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Council, governor come up with a better Inland Port bill

Inside Mayor Biskupski’s strategy of silence as Salt Lake City Council members negotiated their own Inland Port deal

New UTA board nominees include members from old one that was criticized for lax oversight. Will that hamper effort to restore public trust?

Longtime director of Salt Lake City’s Downtown Alliance is leaving the state

Utah and its cops are bracing for new 0.05 DUI law, which rolls out in five months

United Utah Party picks Mormon MTC director as a replacement congressional candidate

Sen. Mike Lee says Kavanaugh is the ‘kind of originalist jurist we need on the court’

Utah lawmakers debate requiring gun locks: lifesaver or infringement of rights?

Utah lawmaker hopes her proposal to let cops pull over drivers for using cellphones won’t get killed this year

Utah lawmakers turned down a tax cut for big families in March. On Wednesday they passed a $30M reduction during their one-day special session.

Democrats want Ambassador Huntsman to testify about Trump-Putin summit

With Salt Lake City Council and mayor lobbying on opposite sides, state lawmakers OK changes to law that will dictate much future development

Deseret News

Chris Stewart: America is our last best hope, but hope is not a strategy

Op-ed: Sitting out on inland port negotiations wasn’t an option

Editorial: Reducing teacher licensure qualifications may not be the best answer

UTA letters raised concerns about potential conflict of interest with Greg Hughes

Lawmakers weigh possible ban on driving while talking on phone

Utah lawmakers look at bonds for affordable housing

Panel debates requiring Utahns to lock guns away

Heat on the Hill: Utah Legislature passes ‘not perfect’ inland port bill backed by Salt Lake Council, fought by mayor

Lawmakers approve $30 million child tax credit for Utah families in special session

Utah on its own as FAA bails out of drone regulation

Raising the bar on K-3 reading takes money and explicit focus, specialists tell lawmakers

Sen. Orrin Hatch takes a swing at defending Supreme Court nominee