Local Headlines 8-3-18

Deseret News

Jay Evensen: Americans want big families, so why don’t they have them?

Editorial: Sports gambling is a game changer. What happens now?

EPA report: The air we breathe is getting cleaner

S.L. County health board endorses Medicaid expansion, holds off on any medical marijuana position

Group sues Pleasant Grove, claiming ‘underhanded’ road utility fee is illegal

Why do Utah students opt out of state testing? Proposed state audit to seek answers

Jenny Wilson calls on Mitt Romney to ‘come out of hiding’ during speech on immigration

Russia, China out to prove democracy will fail, Rep. Chris Stewart says

Sexually transmitted diseases top list of most common infections in Salt Lake County

Borked? Hatch throws colorful terms at Democrats opposed to Supreme Court nominee

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: SLC road bond: Before taxpayers start bailing, city should stop failing

New radar technology that triggers traffic lights for bicyclists looks to end frustrations for Salt Lake City bikers

Sen. Orrin Hatch decries ‘dumbass’ partisanship over Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court

Trump is really tough on Putin, despite their recent meeting, says Utah Rep. Chris Stewart

Lawsuit says new Pleasant Grove utility fee is an unconstitutional way to avoid appearance of raising taxes and ‘piss off the public’


Logan congressional candidate second to Bishop in contributions (Logan Herald Journal)