National Headlines 8-16-18

Trump administration nearing deal with Mexico on revised NAFTA — but issues with Canada remain (Los Angeles Times)

Kris Kobach wins Kansas GOP governor nomination after incumbent Colyer concedes (CNN)

Less than 90 days out from the midterms, things are looking good — but not great — for Democrats (Vox)

Trump scraps Obama rules on cyberattacks, giving military freer hand (Politico)

What if Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Have the Votes? (Slate)

GOP divide emerges over Trump’s Space Force (FOX News)

Trump Pushes China for Better Deal With Trade Talks Set to Resume (Bloomberg)

Cynthia Nixon mocks Cuomo’s remarks bashing America, as ‘Greatgate’ escalates (FOX News)

Trump wants federal suit against opioid manufacturers (Associated Press)

Lara Trump blasts Omarosa ‘betrayal,’ calls latest tape a ‘fraud’ (FOX News)

Elizabeth Warren wants to make capitalism great again (Boston Globe)