Disgraced former GOP congressman blames Mia Love for his ouster

Former GOP congressman Blake Farenthold says Rep. Mia Love is partially to blame for his resignation following a sex scandal.

Farenthold abruptly resigned from Congress earlier this year after news that he used $84,000 in taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment case. Farenthold was hired by a Texas port authority, and a local newspaper sued the organization for not giving proper public notice they were creating a lobbyist job for him. 

Huffington Post obtained the transcript of Farenthold’s deposition in the case, and some of his statements are eye-raising. During the deposition, Farenthold was obviously irked at Love, who he said threatened to call on him to resign if he did not step down.

20180819 Farenthold Love

During the deposition, Farenthold also said he would not repay the $84,000 of taxpayer money used to settle the lawsuit because he feels it would be illegal.

In a series of text messages also obtained by Huffington Post, Farenthold blamed “f-tards” for his downfall.