Hatch secures Utah priorities in third ‘minibus’ appropriations bill

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), the senior Republican in the United States Senate, released the following statement after the Senate passed the “minibus” appropriations bill for the Departments of Defense, Labor, Health and Human Services and Education.  

The legislation included several Hatch priorities focused on Utah’s requests, such as funding for cancer and opioid addiction research, solutions toward suicide prevention, mental health and addiction recovery, and education and training evidence-based programs. The appropriations package also ensured national security funding for innovations in cyber security, electronic warfare, drone technology, and the first pay raise for troops in nearly ten years.

“The Senate has once again done its job by approving another bill that responsibly allocates taxpayer funds. By passing this measure, we are investing in our military and strengthening our national security interests. We are likewise focusing resources on programs that impact the well-being of all Americans, including education, job training, medical research, and community development. Every dollar should be spent wisely, and with this package, I believe we have achieved that goal”.


Labor and Health Wins for Utah

  • Increases to the National Institutes of Health where Utah researchers are contributing to cancer and opioid addiction research.
  • Significant investment in Mental Health Services Block Grant to states where local solutions can help prevent suicide, treat mental health issues and encourage addiction recovery.
  • Increases in Education Innovation and Research, a Every Student Succeeds Act program led by Senator Hatch that funds innovative outcomes based initiatives in Utah schools.
  • Longtime evidence-based programs that Hatch has championed were also funded: 21st Century Learning Centers, Radiation Exposure Screening and Education, Traumatic Brain Injury Support, Newborn Screening for Heritable Diseases, State Councils for Development Disabilities, and Centers for Independent Living.

Defense Wins for Utah

  • In addition to including the first pay raise for our troops in nearly ten years, Hatch ensuredcontinued funding for the Utah Test and Training Range, where vital munitions are tested and evaluated.
  • Increases in basic research investment where Utah universities are leading innovations in cyber security, electronic warfare, and drone technology.
  • Securing the work for the Next Generation Launch System, the small satellite program, missile defense tracking system, and ground-based strategic deterrent program—all vital national security work performed in Utah by Utahns.