National Headlines 8-30-18

Dem rep warns immigration officers following ‘illegal’ Trump orders: ‘You will not be safe’ (FOX News)

The Oil Export Boom (Wall Street Journal)

In Hollywood, politics pushes its way into ratings game (Washington Post)

Sources: NBC Threatened Ronan Farrow If He Kept Reporting on Harvey Weinstein (Daily Beast)

Trump presses Supreme Court chief justice for action on Russia dossier (Reuters)

Giuliani: Trump’s legal team almost done with ‘voluminous’ counterreport to Mueller (The Hill)

Trump administration backs Asian Americans suing Harvard over its affirmative action admissions policy (Los Angeles Times)

Trump Proposes Freezing Federal Worker Salaries (NPR)

Trump attacks Justice Department and FBI: ‘I want them to do their jobs’ (CNN)

Trump threatens to withdraw from World Trade Organization (CNBC)

California State Assembly Passes Nation’s Toughest Net Neutrality Law (Variety)