What You Need to Know About Utah Politics Today – February 10, 2014

Increased education funding actually went to retirement or healthcare costs. Plan to hike registration fees on alternative fuel vehicles runs into some opposition.



  • 31 days until the final day of the 2014 Legislature
  • 134 days until Utah’s 2014 primary elections
  • 267 days to the 2014 midterm elections
  • 630 days to the 2015 elections
  • 695 days until the 2016 Iowa Caucuses
  • 1001 days to the 2016 presidential election

Today’s Utah political news highlights:

  • Most of the money allocated by lawmakers to boost per-pupil spending last year actually went to the state retirement system or rising healthcare costs [Tribune].
  • Utah schools look to boost technology use in the classroom [Tribune].
  • Lawmakers consider making some changes to the state’s controversial school-grading law [Deseret News].
  • Rep. Curt Oda wants to preserve gun rights for people convicted of some “white-collar” felonies [Tribune].
  • A state study suggests Utah’s liquor laws may lead to more people drinking at home [Tribune].
  • Natalie Gochnour argues in favor of hiking Utah’s gas tax [Deseret News].
  • A bill by Sen. Wayne Harper would hike registration fees on alternative fuel vehicles, prompting some cries of outrage [Tribune]. Harper says his bill is not meant to discourage people from purchasing electric or natural gas powered cars [Utah Policy].
  • Sen Brian Shiozawa introduces legislation to keep USTAR’s funding following a critical audit while increasing accountability and transparency [Utah Policy].
  • A state audit says the Attorney General’s office could do a better job tracking it’s fleet of vehicles [Tribune].
  • Rep. Chris Stewart’s rising profile in Congress means he’s expected to contribute funds to help other Republicans get elected [Tribune].
  • Backers of of the “Count My Vote” initiative to change Utah’s nominating system are not happy with Sen. Curt Bramble’s bill which would essentially nullify their efforts [Daily Herald]. Bramble says his bill would be a compromise between caucus supporters and “Count My Vote” [Utah Policy].
  • Salt Lake City has to return $1.2 million to developers due to conflicting language in an ordinance on road fees [Tribune].

On this day in history:

  • The Treaty of Paris ended the French and Indian War in 1763. France ceded Canada to England under terms of the treaty.
  • Members of the LDS Church began their exodus west from Illinois in 1846.
  • The Soviet Union exchanged captured spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers for Soviet spy Rudolph Abel in 1962.
  • The 25th Amendment, which deals with presidential succession, was ratified in 1967.
  • North Korea announced it possessed nuclear weapons in 2005.
  • Sen. Barack Obama kicked off his presidential campaign in Springfield, Illinois in 2007.