National Headlines 9-5-18

The Mueller probe’s troubling reliance on journalists as sources (The Hill)

Sanders ratchets up Amazon attacks with ‘Stop BEZOS Act’ (FOX Business)

Obama to Join Midterm Battle, Starting in California and Ohio (New York Times)

Red states press court to scrap Obamacare (Politico)

Jon Kyl sworn in as senator replacing McCain (Reuters)

Unfriending Facebook: More than a quarter of users have done it (CBS News)

Trump on possible shutdown: ‘If it happens, it happens’ (Associated Press)

Mistrial declared in retrial of ex-Blackwater security guard accused of massacring Iraqi civilians (FOX News)

Twitter shares fall 6% as CEO Jack Dorsey testifies before Senate (CNBC)

Ayanna Pressley’s win shows just being liberal isn’t enough in today’s Democratic Party (CNN)

Kavanaugh is criticized for following the Heller precedent too well (Wall Street Journal)