‘Political Insiders’ expect Kavanaugh to be confirmed to the Supreme Court

Our “Political Insiders” and readers say the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is a done deal.

We asked our “Insider” panel to weigh in on Kavanaugh’s chances of being confirmed to the Supreme Court following his confirmation hearings last week. 

  • 100% of Republicans on our panel said Kavanaugh would be confirmed
  • 89% of Democrats from our “Insider” group say Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the high court.
  • 76% of our readers say Kavanaugh will win confirmation.

However, our panel and readers are not sure how the ultimate vote to confirm Kavanaugh will go down. The Republicans who responded and our readers are convinced the final vote will be a bi-partisan affair, while Democrats think it will be more of a straight-party line vote.

  • 64% of Republicans say some Democrats will vote for Kavanaugh.
  • 50% of the Democrats we polled said the vote would be straight party-line.
  • 40% of our readers say some Democrats will vote for Kavanaugh, while 23% think some Republicans will break ranks and vote against Kavanaugh.


Selected anonymous comments:

Kennedy was considered a moderate and was a swing vote. Democrats see Kavanaugh as more conservative, and their base won’t forgive a yes vote.

There are several Ds who could lose their Senate seats if they do not vote to confirm Kavanaugh — unless they find a significant, defensible reason. The reason will have to be more than Kavanaugh is a conservative or that the Republicans screwed the Ds out of the Merrick Garland appointment.

After the clown show put on by the Democrats, one or two of the party members who still have a little dignity will cross the aisle and vote for him in order to distance themselves from the rest before the midterms.

He’s way too qualified not to be approved.

The midterms are coming up. If they want to get anything done, there will be compromises made.

Nothing will stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed. At least 3 but up to 5 Democrats will vote to confirm.

He is eminently qualified and will be confirmed. I am so tired of the demagoguery of the Democrats, they have no dignity and should be ashamed.

I do think the process is flawed. Democrats should have fair access to the documents they requested. I miss the days when it took 60 votes in the Senate to confirm a justice. It seems like we got less partisanship in the process then.

McConnell’s delegitimization of the Supreme Court continues.

Kavanaugh will probably be confirmed, but the Senate floor may look more like the Normandy beaches at D-Day + 1. It will not be a pretty thing. Both parties will probably disgrace themselves in the process. This will be an acrimonious prelude to the elections. Every Senate candidate had better pay close attention to this slug-fest and ask themselves, “Do I really want to do this?”. If they do not have trepidation in their hearts, this may put fear in them. I hope it does. It scares the hoo-ha out of me.

History will mark his confirmation to the court as a regretful moment in the narrative of America’s eroding democracy.

I think that when it becomes clear that he’s going to be confirmed anyway that one or two Democrats in deep red states will vote for him.

The Democrats have become irrational children, and it is on full display during these hearings. Bi-partisan dinosaurs like Hatch and McCain will no longer exist after this next cycle, and we can expect everything to be straight party-line votes from now on.

If Elena Kagan was qualified, Kavanaugh absolutely is qualified.

It is a shame that the Senate no longer requires 60 votes to confirm. We will have extreme justices going forward.

Yes, he’ll be confirmed, and the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth from the wacko left will be oh so sweet!!