Local Headlines 9-10-18

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: LDS Church claims neutrality while affecting Utah politics

Op-ed: Legislature will not move unless ballot measures pass

Editorial: San Juan election is historic, so it needs to be legitimate

Democrat Ben McAdams gains ground on Republican Rep. Mia Love in new poll

Utah Supreme Court agrees to settle Holladay’s election dispute over developing the former Cottonwood Mall site

30, 40, almost 50 students? Here are the hotspots for overcrowded classrooms in Utah

Why is Emigration Creek — a historic Utah waterway — dry? Blame runs from climate change to drought to development to water-sucking wells.

A sign that election campaigns are breaking the law? Look around next time you’re driving on Utah highways.

Deseret News

Pignanelli & Webb: Marijuana, Kavanaugh & the Reagan Roundtable – Oh my!

Editorial: Fixing Senate hearings is as easy as ‘School House Rock’

Rep. Chris Stewart joins colleagues seeking millions more for mental health care

Poll: Love has three-point lead over McAdams in 4th Congressional District

Hatch, Lee rip Democrats’ ‘theatrics,’ predict Kavanaugh confirmation

Utah County voters won’t weigh in on $22 million transportation sales tax hike this year