CYBER24 Episode 26: Is it time to hack back?

As cyber crime continues to become a bigger concern for businesses and policymakers, some are now suggesting the best defense may actually be a good offense – or at the very least slightly more aggressive one.

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In this week’s episode of the award-winning CYBER24 podcast, we kick off our second season breaking down a recent story from the Boston Globe. Some experts say the U.S. government should be more aggressive going after those who attack our systems. But they don’t stop there. They also say American businesses should be allowed to hack-back at the hackers. Not everyone is on board.

You can find the complete article here.

In the second segment, we catch up with Mike Hussey, executive director of the Utah Dept. of Technology Services, who gives us an update on the potential Cyber Center and how he envisions it helping county and municipal governments across the state.