Local Headlines 9-17-18

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Love’s campaign funds problem not just a bookkeeping error

Utah is putting more cougars in the crosshairs — and not even all hunters like the idea

EnergySolutions says it can easily and safely bury military’s depleted uranium, but Utah foes want study completed first

Sen. Mike Lee a possible replacement for Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions? Nah, he says, I have a job.

Sen. Hatch condemns Democrats for raising last-minute allegation against Supreme Court nominee

Can the Board of Education be partisan? Utah Supreme Court justices call state’s argument ‘thin’ and ‘almost nonsensical’, but acknowledge ambiguity in the law

Utah’s medical marijuana campaign kicks off with a ‘tailwind of support’

With small arts groups booming, Salt Lake County may rethink how it gives them millions in funding

Old secrets emerge: After 9/11 attacks, 2002 Olympics considered banning spectators; many countries balked at sending athletes

Deseret News

Pignanelli and Webb: Some legislative and county races worth watching

Op-ed: Don’t expand Medicaid on the backs of the disabled and elderly

Op-ed: Can Utah’s churches do more for the state corrections system?

Senate hopeful Jenny Wilson says Mitt Romney an ‘absent candidate’

Partisan State School Board elections? Utah Supreme Court weighing constitutionality

Bad weather or bad luck could be enough to delay closure of Salt Lake homeless shelter

Salt Lake County Council members join calls for port board transparency

‘Reason to be hopeful’ homes will be spared in Utah County fire, Gov. Gary Herbert says

Love, McAdams congressional race taking ‘negative tone’

Church leaders want Utah Legislature to legalize medical marijuana by year’s end