Guest opinion: Dems worship diversity — but not in the case of Mia Love

When I’m in town, I like to use the Salt Lake County Rec Center system. The facilities are nice, conveniently located, and patronized by so many old timers that the pool water is super warm.

At the entrance, there’s a big sign bragging about the system’s diversity and inclusion policy. Thank goodness. Without that sign, I can only assume that we all would have descended into the long-foretold County Rec System Race War of 2018!

Seriously though. There are lots of different people and, somehow, we all manage to get along. No one probably even notices the sign besides me, and what jumps out most to me is that the word “diversity” is smaller than our virtue-signaling mayor’s name.

Buzzwords like diversity, inclusion, tolerance, and representation are inescapable. As well-paid diversity bureaucrats on college campuses have taught us, those buzzwords are more important than, well, anything. But if that’s true, then no Democrat should dare to challenge Rep. Mia Love – certainly not someone who “looks like” Ben McAdams. It’s impossible to find a candidate who adds diversity as well as a three-fer like Love: woman, black, child of immigrants.

And because she’s Haitian American, not African American, she actually even adds diversity to the Congressional Black Caucus!

The Democrats have been falling over themselves in their race (pun) to diversify, most notably this year with the ascension of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: a young, attractive, Latina with a hyphenated name who – based solely on those merits – trounced the Bronx’s 20-year Democratic Congressional incumbent who had the grave misfortune of being white and male in 2018.

(Honestly, how dare he?)

Since then, Ocasio-Cortez has become a media darling … of the right. Whenever she appears in public, she embarrasses herself: whether it’s denouncing one of our closest allies, espousing economic opinions that are entirely wrong, or wearing a $3,500 outfit for photo ops about poverty.


Joe Lieberman – the Democrats’ one-time vice presidential candidate – has said that if Ocasio-Cortez is the “new face of the Democratic Party” then the party “doesn’t have a bright future.” Advancing someone so unqualified simply because of demographics does no favors to her, her party, or the cause of diversity. The Bronx is electing someone to the House of Representatives who’s barely qualified to answer phones there.

But of course, Mia Love is no Ocasio-Cortez.

She’s been a successful member of Congress, a popular mayor, a mother of three, and guilty of no serious scandals. She’s also done this crazy thing where she’s described Israel – the only democracy in a region ruled by dictators – a grand total of zero times.

If evangelists of diversity want to see more women, people of color, and immigrants, they should demand McAdams step aside. Nancy Pelosi even complained about an immigration committee staffed only by white men. Does that mean she’d rather see Ben McAdams on that committee or Mia Love?

Of course, that question is rhetorical. To the national press and Democrats, McAdams is the lone voice of sanity in a state known for its barbarism. They need to elevate him to fix this backwards Republican state … that somehow keeps the American dream alive.

While national Democrats have made diversity their god in districts where that works, they are hypocritically exploiting racial politics to push out a woman of color in a mostly white district. (I wish they’d stop. I’ve typed the word “hypocrite” so many times this year the H, Y, and P on my keyboard are faded.)

In trying to cultivate as much of a “big tent” as possible, the modern left has realized they can only do that with a scapegoat, for which of course they have selected white men. Indeed, in a profoundly bigoted, hate-filled op-edThe Washington Post advanced the sexist idea that men should not run for elected office at all.

Did McAdams miss that meeting?

If McAdams cares about diversity as much as I am expected to believe every time I go to the gym, then he should step aside and endorse Love. Whether he does that, or just loses to her as seems most likely, he’s welcome to join me at the pool.