Local Headlines 9-19-18

Salt Lake Tribune

In one Utah school, it costs $2,500 to be on the cheerleading squad. A state audit says high fees for sports and clubs are breaking the law.

Audit: State could do more to recover $552 million in taxes left unpaid over past 5 years

Unified Fire Authority punts on decision of whether to sue to seek recovery of hundreds of thousands of dollars in allegedly misused public funds

Elizabeth Smart wants Wanda Barzee back in prison ‘as soon as she messes up’ federal probation, but it might not happen that easily

Utah lawmakers explore quick fix to state driver-license problem that could run afoul of federal airport security

Sen. Hatch says Senate must vet allegation against Kavanaugh but slams Dems for holding back information until now

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski says legislation that created the inland port is ‘unconstitutional’ and will see its day in court

Ben McAdams will vote for Prop 2 to legalize medical marijuana; Mia Love is undecided

Deseret News

Amid critical audit, board says it may now penalize Utah schools over fees

Point of the Mountain Commission wrangles transportation issues

State needs to do more to collect $552 million in unpaid taxes, auditor says

Summit targets new innovations in Utah food production

Utah groups want to tank Nevada’s groundwater pumping plan