Get Involved this General Session with Chamber Vote

The engagement of Utah’s business community is the single largest source of strength for our economy as well as our community’s prosperity. As the voice of Utah business, we want to engage you, your business and your employees more directly in our advocacy efforts to ensure Utah remains a top state for business.
“As a former senate president, I can tell you we are lucky in Utah when it comes to the Legislature. Few states have such fiscally disciplined, problem-solvers that collaborate directly with the business community to power our economy. However, your legislators need to hear from you. We need your engagement to keep Utah a premier destination for business,” said Salt Lake Chamber President and CEO Lane Beattie.
To facilitate this engagement, we will be utilizing a new tool: the Salt Lake Chamber Vote website, which can be found at
During the session, we will constantly update the Chamber Vote website with our bill watch list and advocacy alerts asking for your help. You can see all the legislation we are tracking, including our priority bills, and have the ability to engage directly in support (or opposition) on key legislation affecting business.
Your engagement during the 2014 General Session will be critical. Through the Chamber Vote website, you will be able to directly contact key legislators, including your own, with a few simple clicks. You will also have the ability to share our advocacy alerts through your corporate or personal social media channels and email to engage your employees, partners and customers in supporting pro-business and pro-economy public policy.
You can find out more about the Salt Lake Chamber’s priorities in our 2014 Public Policy Guide available at
If you have questions about the Chamber Vote website or the Chamber’s public policy efforts, please contact the Chamber’s public policy coordinator Michael Merrill at [email protected].