CYBER24: Biz and Gov’t a cybersecurity dynamic duo?

In this week’s episode of CYBER24, we take a look at how business is working with government – be it law enforcement or even the military – to play an important role in cybersecurity.

In our first segment, we break down a report from earlier this month, written by Evan Carson at CNET, looking in to how Apple is creating a team dedicated to working with law enforcement and opening a portal for police to make data request. As everyone – including criminals – now carries a supercomputer in his pocket and tech companies have access to data that can help law enforcement, businesses face difficult challenges striking a balance between protecting users privacy and cooperating with criminal investigations.

In our second segment, we look into a CNBC report on new policy guidelines from the White House regarding broader parameters for government agencies and the military when it comes to combating cybercrime from criminal states like Russia, North Korea and Iran.