National Headlines 10-18-18

Woman named as abuse survivor by Heitkamp campaign says ‘the damage is done’ (CNN)

Legalized marijuana linked to a sharp rise in car crashes (NBC News)

Hillary Clinton’s dwindling power (Washington Times)

Nebraska’s new tourism campaign takes ‘honest’ approach: ‘There’s nothing to do here’ (FOX News)

China says its economy slowed more than expected (CNBC)

Trump moves Texas rally for Cruz, citing ‘huge and unprecedented’ response (Politico)

GOP Plans to Spend Millions to Help a Long-Shot New York Candidate (Bloomberg)

GSA denies Democratic claims that Trump intervened to stop FBI HQ move (FOX News)

Harvard discrimination trial reveals Ivy League school’s different SAT standards for Asian-Americans (FOX News)

Why Some Asian-American Groups Are Supporting a Conservative Effort to Attack Affirmative Action (Slate)

The Embarrassing Spectacle of Betomania (National Review)