National Headlines 10-22-18

Dems lower expectations for ‘blue wave’ (The Hill)

Elizabeth Warren Has Lost Her Way (Atlantic)

Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test fiasco keeps getting worse (New York Post)

Trump makes it easier for employers to pay workers for health coverage (CNN)

Trump eyeing a 10 percent middle-income tax cut plan (Reuters)

Battle for the GOP’s Soul? Trump Has Won (Wall Street Journal)

Presiding Over the Harvard Admissions Trial: A Judge Who Was Rejected From Harvard (New York Times)

Sen. Kamala Harris hits the campaign trail in Iowa: ‘This is a pivotal moment’ (ABC News)

Five Reasons Republicans Can Hold the House (RealClearPolitics)

Donald Trump gets sweet revenge on Ted Cruz today in Texas (CNN)

Trump: ‘I’m a nationalist’ (Politico)