Opening of Deseret UAS headquarters marks major milestone

Utah will officially open its doors to the unmanned aerial systems industry at the Deseret UAS headquarters located at the Xperience Center in Tooele City.

This state-of-the-art facility boasts UAS flight simulations, real-time test flight viewing, and collaborative meeting spaces.

Deseret UAS is a non-profit corporation created jointly by Tooele and Box Elder Counties, in close partnership with Ogden City. As the premier organization in Utah dedicated to UAS, Deseret UAS provides unparalleled access to several large flight test ranges with miles of wide-open land and air. The organization centralizes information sharing and best practices for UAS companies in Utah and operationalizes research that advances the nascent industry.

 “Utah leads the country on a number of key economic indicators due to our ability to leverage technological innovations and invest in our critical infrastructure. We move bridges into place overnight, have invested billions of dollars to rebuild our international airport, and recently created an inland port that will cement Utah’s standing as the crossroads of the West,” said Congressman Chris Stewart. “Rural counties like Tooele have directly benefited from those investments, as evidenced by the creation of Deseret UAS.”

To support the Governor’s 25K Jobs Initiative for Utah’s 25 rural counties, Deseret UAS’ mission is to facilitate rural economic development through the advancement of unmanned aerial systems and to elevate Utah’s presence in the UAS industry. “We applaud Deseret UAS’ efforts to facilitate job creation, encourage capital investment, and build stronger rural economies,” said Ginger Chinn, GOED managing director of business services.

Centrally located near Utah’s Wasatch Front and 30 minutes away from an international airport, Deseret UAS’ headquarters and test ranges offer the best of both worlds- dozens of miles of wide open, protected air space for flying, as well as the amenities of the more urbanized areas.

“Technological innovation is the way of the future and will fundamentally reshape our way of life for decades to come. We are on the leading edge of understanding disruptive innovations that will improve our quality of life and lead to strong economic development and prosperity in Tooele County and the State of Utah,” said Tooele County commissioner and Deseret UAS board chair Shawn Milne. “The UAS industry is developing crucial technologies that can make the world in which we live better, safer and more efficient. Deseret UAS is at the center of making these technologies a reality.”