Podcast: Key factors that will impact the 2018 midterms in Utah with Damon Cann

Utah State University political science professor Damon Cann joins Managing Editor Bryan Schott to discuss the 2018 midterms in Utah.

He says the massive gender gap between men and women could have a big impact on whether Democrats or Republicans are successful in this year’s election. 

He also thinks Mitt Romney may excite some Republicans to go to the polls this year, but his presence at the top of the ticket shouldn’t lead to a massive advantage for other GOP candidates..

Prop. 2, the medical marijuana initiative, could have led to a big turnout advantage for Democratic candidates. However, now that legislative leaders are pushing a compromise, Cann believes the steam has been taken out of the issue.

Plus, we discuss whether the enthusiasm we’re seeing from Democratic voters nationwide might spill over into Utah this year, and how Donald Trump’s soft approval ratings in Utah may impact the close race between Mia Love and Ben McAdams.


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