Utah Inland Port Authority Board takes important steps to begin a process of addressing project’s impact

The Utah Inland Port Authority Board took important steps forward to facilitate the creation of a world-class inland port in Utah.

The board approved a budget to procure a search firm for an executive director, hire an interim administrator, and facilitate a process for public engagement and input for the scope of the project. The board also approved a statement of work to develop a business plan that includes, among other things, economic and environmental impact studies.
“The inland port is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to ensure Utah’s place as a center of commerce for the Western United States. The first step in creating a successful project is to build a successful organization, and today we took steps to ensure that success,” said Derek Miller, chairman of the Utah Inland Port Authority Board. “The board and the public need to understand the impact an inland port could have on our community, our economy and our environment, and today we took the first steps in a process to address those important questions.”
In addition to the adoption of a budget, the board established a Technical Committee to advise the board on issues relating to economic impact, environmental considerations, transportation planning and other issues related to the planning efforts.
For more information on the Utah Inland Port Authority Board or to listen to a recording of the meetings, visit utahinlandport.org