Rep. Curtis with Utah House delegation introduces bill to designate ‘Miracle Mountain’

This year, Utah has battled the worst wildfire season in recent memory.

In September, the Bald Mountain Fire burned nearly 20,000 acres of land, and threatened Utahns in Elk Ridge City. Instead of burning the city, the fire suddenly halted, stayed behind a mountain peak, and spared the community. Since the fire, the unnamed peak has been referred to as “Miracle Mountain” by many locals. Today, Congressman John Curtis introduced legislation to federally recognize the name “Miracle Mountain”.

“Although this fire season has been one of our worst, it has brought out the best of Utah and our communities. I’m proud to help permanently commemorate Miracle Mountain as a symbol of faith and hope for the Elk Ridge community,” Curtis said.

Chairman Rob Bishop, Congressman Chris Stewart, and Congresswoman Mia Love are all cosponsors of the bill.

During the same fire, Congressman Curtis spoke on the House Floor about the bravery of Utah’s wildland firefighters.


Mayor Ty Ellis, Elk Ridge City

“The morning after the fire went behind this mountain, I knew we had witnessed a miracle. As I drove through the city that morning, I humbly nicknamed the mountain “Miracle Mountain.” I reached out to Representative John Curtis to see if we could get the mountain officially named and he took up the challenge. This bill will establish its official name for which I’m both excited and humbled! It truly is our ‘Miracle Mountain!’”

Governor Gary Herbert [LETTER]

“During our most destructive wildfire season in the past decade, it’s worth stopping to notice bright spots in the midst of tragedy. We certainly saw the Hand of Providence the night of September 13 when the Pole Creek fire changed directions and spared hundreds. That sudden change in weather conditions, as well as the tireless and courageous work of our firefighters, was nothing short of a miracle for the residents of Elk Ridge and Woodland Hills. Naming the mountain ‘Miracle Mountain’ is a fitting gesture of gratitude.”

Chairman Rob Bishop

“In Utah, we are routinely reminded of the devastating impact wildfires can have on communities. This year’s fire season was no different. Until we empower the Forest Service to properly manage the areas most vulnerable to wildfires, we are forced to rely on chance and the will of the winds. Luckily, Elk Ridge City was miraculously shielded by a mountain guardian. A Miracle Mountain.”

Congresswoman Mia Love

“As a former mayor and now as a member of Congress, I have repeatedly seen the toll fire can inflict on a city and its people. I’m incredibly grateful that our neighbors in Elk Ridge were spared additional suffering and am pleased to memorialize the miracle that preserved their homes.”

Congressman Chris Stewart 

“Miracles bring hope during times of tragedy. Just as the mountain that was miraculously unaffected during the Elk Ridge fire brought hope to the community. I’m happy to cosponsor this legislation naming Miracle Mountain.”