Utah Democrats Courting Latino Vote in 2014 (Video)

Utah Democrats are actively courting the Latino vote as a path to victory in 2014.


Party vice-chair Josie Valdez says they are reaching out to pockets in the state where there are a large number of Latinos in order to register them to vote and get them to the polls.

“We have registered about 5,000 voters so far,” says Valdez. “ We want to register 20,000 more by the 2014 elections.”

Registering voters is one thing. Getting them to the polls is another thing entirely.

Valdez says the party has learned a lesson from 2012, when they had a number of close races involving Latino candidates.

“Democrats will have 10 very strong Latino candidates on the ballot this year, so voters will have a reason to come to the polls and vote for someone they can identify with.”

Plus, they’re working with community leaders to get voters to the polls.

“In 2012 the party tried to do it all. This year we are working with community leaders who can help people understand the value of getting to the polls. We’re also educating a number of voters who don’t understand our system very well.”