Wasatch Front Regional Council seeks comment on Wasatch Choice 2050 Vision

The Wasatch Front Regional Council, in close partnership with regional transportation agencies and local governments, is nearing completion of the Wasatch Choice 2050 Vision, a blueprint for growth and development along the Wasatch Front.

Transportation projects and land use types have been prioritized for implementation between now and 2050, and the public is invited to provide feedback on the timing of projects and development.  

The public comment period on the prioritized Vision is now open and runs through Nov. 30, 2018. Those interested can learn more about the process, review the Vision and give input via an interactive map at wfrc.org/rtp-2019-phasing. A Spanish version of the map is available at wfrc.org/rtp-2019-phasing-es.

To create the Vision, WFRC worked with communities, partner agencies, key stakeholders and the public through the first three years of the process to identify what’s most important to Utahns and establish goals and priorities. Staff and regional leaders then analyzed different possible versions of the future and created a single draft Vision built on four key strategies that best represent those priorities:

– Provide transportation choices

– Support housing options

– Preserve open space

– Link economic development with transportation and housing decisions

WFRC promotes these strategies as key to addressing rapid growth along the Wasatch Front now and into the future. In terms of population, experts predict the Wasatch Front region will grow by a Bountiful-sized community every year for the next 30 years.

“It is no secret rapid growth is upon us in Utah,” said Council Chair and Ogden City Mayor Mike Caldwell. “We can see that as a challenge or an opportunity. The Wasatch Choice 2050 Vision provides a clear roadmap to a future where we get around efficiently, have choices for where we live, and that provides for the quality of life we all want. In short, it helps us capitalize on growth as an opportunity.”