Podcast: Wrapping up the 2018 midterms with the ‘Political Junkie’ Ken Rudin

Ken Rudin, the host of the Political Junkie podcast, joins us to wrap up what happened in the 2018 midterm elections.

Democrats won the House, while Republicans held on to the Senate. What does that mean for Washington the next two years?

Did the furor over Brett Kavanaugh’s bitter confirmation battle make an impact on Tuesday’s vote?

Beto O’Rourke, Stacy Abrams and Andrew Gillum, three of the biggest stars for Democrats this election, lost on Tuesday. What does that tell us? Are Democrats better off running toward the center or the left side of the political spectrum?

Did the 2018 midterms highlight a growing urban/rural divide in our politics?

If Mia Love ends up losing her seat in deep red Utah, what lessons should we take away from that result?

We look ahead to 2020. Will any Republicans challenge President Trump for the GOP nomination, and how many Democrats will launch bids for the White House?

Plus, references to Norm Bangerter, Calvin Rampton, Lloyd Bentsen, George Wallace, Richard Nixon, Bobby Kennedy, Howard Baker and Lamar Alexander.

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