Utah Inland Port Authority advances search for executive director, interim administrator and legal counsel

The Utah Inland Port Authority Board advanced its search for an interim administrator as well as received an update on the national search for a full-time executive director.

Last month, the Utah Inland Port Authority Board publically announced it was seeking applicants for an interim administrator to provide services for an estimated six months until a full-time executive director is hired. Today, the board reviewed and discussed the professional competency of applicants in closed session.  Based on that discussion, the board asked chair, Derek Miller, to discuss the position with an individual who will be given final approval by the board in an upcoming public meeting.

While the search for an interim administrator is coming to a close, the board continues its search for a full-time executive director. This afternoon, the board was briefed by Craig Sabina, a principal consultant with McDermott & Bull Executive Search, on the timeline for hiring the executive director as well as the process by which the search will take place.

In addition to moving forward with plans to hire an interim administrator and executive director, the board reviewed proposals to provide legal support for the Inland Port. The board did not make a final decision on this selection and will instead dedicate more time for review. There are plans to revisit this topic at the next public board meeting.

“As I’ve said before, the first step in creating a successful project is building a successful organization and this can only be done through careful planning and informed decision making. The steps forward made today in hiring legal counsel and advancing the search for an executive director will ensure the Inland Port grows in a smart, sustainable way that benefits the community and propels Utah forward as a center of commerce for the Western United States,” said Derek Miller, chairman of the Utah Inland Port Authority Board.

For more information on the Utah Inland Port Authority Board or to listen to a recording of the meetings, visit utahinlandport.org