Watch: Love says minorities ‘don’t really trust that Republicans care’ about them

Outgoing Rep. Mia Love is continuing her post-election loss media tour, stopping on Monday by MSNBC.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber asked Love whether she felt President Trump was “a divider” because of the way he handles racial issues.

“I may not agree with a lot of the tactics, especially the language. I’m calling him out,” said Love. “The reason we have such a divide when it comes to elections is there is a sense that minorites really don’t trust Republicans that they actually care. I think we as Republicans need to do a better job showing people that we care about them.”



On Friday, Love made an appearance on The View morning chat program where she accused Democrats of being racist because they targeted her for defeat during the 2016 election. Love ended up losing to Democrat Ben McAdams by just 694 votes despite outspending him by more than $2 million.