Mia Love says the GOP is abandoning women and minority voters, which is damaging the nation

Rep. Mia Love penned an op-ed in the Washington Post on Wednesday bemoaning the lack of outreach from the Republican Party to minority voters.

Love says the GOP has failed to bring their message to women and racial minorities, which has made the party increasingly reliant on rural voters, since urban areas are turning away from Republicans.

As I prepare to leave Congress after a hard-fought election, I am not advocating a Republican version of identity politics. I oppose such tactics because they often strip people of their identity and reduce them to an avatar. As the only black Republican woman in Congress, I know this well. I have often been the target of insults from those who struggle to reconcile what they thought I should be with who I actually am.


We must do a better job of connecting with individuals and families that may not traditionally vote Republican. We must listen to their experiences, visit them in their comfort zones and take their priorities to heart. Our policy implementations must be personal — not transactional. And we cannot fall into the trap of thinking that there are Democratic issues and Republican issues.

Love has been on a sort of whirlwind media tour following her narrow loss to Ben McAdams in November. Last week she appeared on The View, where she accused Democrats of being racists for targeting her in the 2018 midterms.

Love has been rumored to be seeking a media job following her departure from Congress next month.