Watch: Seth Meyers says Hatch’s defense of Trump shows Republicans don’t care about the rule of law

Late night host Seth Meyers had some laughs at the expense of Oen. Orrin Hatch and his dismissal of news connecting President Donald Trump to two felony charges that sent his lawyer, Michael Cohen to federal prison.

Hatch’s CNN interview from earlier this week when he said the mounting legal problems for President Trump were “irrelevant” has been a near constant topic of discussion on most cable and late-night programs, especially after Cohen was sentenced to prison for three years.

Meyers mocked Hatch’s initial claim that the charges were politically motivated

“Republicans have spent years insisting that we can’t admit immigrants fleeing poverty and violence because we’re a nation of laws. And yet now that the actual Justice Department has accused the President of the United States of committing a crime, suddenly Republicans are getting very squishy on that whole nation of laws thing,” said Meyers. “And the best example of that is Utah Senator Orrin Hatch who tried to claim the Cohen charges were part Democratic conspiracy to take down Trump.”

Hatch: “The Democrats will do anything to hurt this president. Anything.”

Reporter: “But this is not the Democrats. This is the southern district of New York, the U.S. Attorney. That’s what’s making this allegation.”

Hatch: “Okay. But I don’t care.”

Meyers: “I love how he starts out with one argument and then when that argument is rebutted, just says I don’t care. That is such a classic old man move. ‘Grandpa, you can’t park there.’ ‘But it’s empty.’ ‘It’s a sidewalk.’ ‘I don’t care!'”

Watch the segment below: