CYBER 24 Episode 39 – Hacks at Facebook, Marriott raise eyebrows

As data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents continue to grab headlines, it’s worth wondering whether or not the American public is growing numb to the news.

Marriott says up to 500 million people may have been affected by a security vulnerability that may have been exploited for four years. Facebook fell victim to a sophisticated hack that exposed 50 million people. The numbers are staggering – and those are just the ones that rise to the attention of the mainstream media.

But those flashy headlines rarely come with advice for those impacted. Other than the Equifax breach, can you recall the last time the news included steps potential victims should take to find out if they had been one of the millions of people who were impacted? Have you taken any steps to look into any of the recently reported breaches yourself?

Maybe it’s just because the impact is so often delayed. Your personal data is breached somewhere; bad guys may or may not have it; if they have it they may or may not use it; if they use it you may or may not find out about it.

There’s a general feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.

In this week’s episode of CYBER24, we take a look at why that may be. We also conclude our discussion with our panel of experts as we ask them what advice they would have for anyone considering a career in cybersecurity.