Watch: Mia Love nominated for ‘Best Concession Speech’ of 2018

Mia Love’s memorable parting shot at President Trump following her loss to Democrat Ben McAdams was recognized as a contender for “Best Concession Speech” of the past year by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

As you’ll remember, Love held an angry post-election press conference where she said she was “unleashed” to criticize the GOP and President Trump, who mocked her even before her loss was official for not embracing him during the campaign.

“When President Trump took a jab at me because he thought the race was over, and he lamented that I wouldn’t ask him to come to Utah. Why would he say such a thing? It gave me a clear vision of his world. No real relationships, just convenient transactions.” she said.

Love’s speech was nominated along with Arizona Republican Martha McSally, who released a video of her speech sitting alongside her dog Boomer, and Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke, who dropped an f-bomb during his concession.

During the discussion, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank said Love’s admission she lost was “very powerful.”

“She was talking about how Republicans didn’t reach out into minority communities. she said of President Trump, it’s all transactional. No relationships. I don’t think there’s ever been a better distillation of the criticism,” said Milbank.

But, it wasn’t to be for Love as Matthews picked O’Rourke’s speech as the winner this year.

Watch the video below: