Watch: Romney on endorsing Trump in 2020 – ‘I want to see what the alternatives are’

Incoming Utah Sen. Mitt Romney says he hasn’t decided whether or not he will endorse President Donald Trump for re-election in 2020, as he wants to see what alternatives there may be.

Romney appeared with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Wednesday following the publication of his op-ed criticizing Trump for a lack of character while in the White House. Tapper asked Romney whether he regretted accepting Trump’s endorsement earlier this year in the 2018 midterms.

“He was endorsing me. I wasn’t endorsing him,” said Romney. “And I haven’t decided who I’m going to endorse in 2020. I’m going to see what the alternatives are.”

Sen. Mike Lee said over the weekend that he planned to endorse Trump in 2020 after opposing him in 2016. 

Tapper asked Romney whether he might emerge as an alternative presidential candidate to Trump in 2020. Romney issued a flat denial he would run again.

“No. I ran before. I’ve had that experience,” said Romney. “By the way, I acknowledge the president was successful and I was not. He did something I couldn’t do. He won. I’m not running again. And we’ll see whether someone else does in a Republican primary or not. But time will tell.”