Bob Fuehr Makes His Case for Utah’s 4th Congressional District (Video)

With all the press attention surrounding Mia Love, you may think she’s the only Republican vying for Utah’s 4th District. But, that’s not the case.

Roll Call sits down with Bob Fuehr to talk about his run for the GOP nomination in that district.

Fuehr says he’s got more experience and warns against the conventional wisdom that Love is a shoo-in for the nomination.

“I’m better qualified. I have greater depth and breadth of experience than Mrs. Love,” he said. “And I think that Mrs. Love is a fine person. But I think getting an African-American woman into Congress ought to be the result of the election, not the goal of the election.”

Fuehr’s hopes start — and could end — at the April 26 state party convention. Unless a candidate takes 60 percent of the delegate vote, the top two vote-getters will face off in the June 24 primary.

“First we’ll start with the convention,” he said. “I’ve got to convince a majority of the delegates at the convention that I have a better chance of beating the Democratic challenger than Mrs. Love does, and get into the primary.”

Here’s the video of their conversation: