Chaffetz continues his criticism of Romney, saying he’s ‘disappointed’ in him (with video)

If former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz decides to run for governor in 2020, he will have some fence-mending to do with Sen. Mitt Romney.

Chaffetz, who quit a few months into his last term to become a Fox News contributor, said Thursday morning Romney’s criticism of President Trump’s character hurts the interests of Utah voters.

“He hurt the party. He hurt himself. And he hurt Utahns,” said Chaffetz on Thursday morning. “He was elected to solve problems. This doesn’t solve problems. This creates a new problem.”

Chaffetz said if Romney felt this way about Trump, he should not have accepted the president’s endorsement in the 2018 election.

“That’s not how the people Utah voted. That is not going to be productive for us. I can tell you personally, I’m very disappointed,” he said.

Chaffetz also slammed newly elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying she put Democrats “in a box” by refusing to give President Trump money for the proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I think the sole goal of Nancy Pelosi is to take down Donald Trump. That’s the only thing she is focused on. The president is on the right side of the issue when it comes to the border wall and national security, and he just needs to hold the line,” said Chaffetz.

On Wednesday night, Chaffetz said on Fox that Romney’s op-ed in the Washington Post critical of President Trump’s character was “selfish.”