Fox host Lou Dobbs loses it on Sen. Mitt Romney: ‘How dumb is this Senator from Utah?’

Mitt Romney has really gotten under the skin of President Trump’s supporters.

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, who on Wednesday night called Sen. Mitt Romney a “creep,” “reprehensible” and a “treacherous fool” continued his verbal assault on Romney Thursday, calling the newly minted Senator a “snake” and questioned his intelligence.

Dobbs, who as we’ve said before is one of President Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters, said he could not believe anyone in Washington, regardless of party, would oppose Trump.

“Mitt Romney is ignorantly attacking the only person in Washington, D.C. who is getting anything done,” railed Dobbs. “How dumb is this senator from Utah? People in Utah, I know you’ve got to be thrilled. You elected a guy based on an endorsement by the President of the United States who, before he steps on Capitol Hill, is attacking the very guy who recommended you vote for him.”

“Who would trust this guy for a heartbeat?” added Dobbs.