Lee: Democrats are being ‘categorically unreasonable’ by not funding Trump’s border wall

Sen. Mike Lee says he wants the Senate to vote on the funding proposal to reopen the government passed by the Democratic-controlled House on Thursday, even though it does not contain any money for President Trump’s proposed border wall.

It was a Utah two-fer on Fox News Thursday night as former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz interviewed Sen. Lee. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he will not allow a vote on the Democratic funding package because President Trump has said he will not sign any measure to re-open the government unless it contains more than $5 billion for the border wall. 

Lee said the amount of money President Trump is asking for is minuscule in relation to the rest of the federal budget.

“Democrats are being categorically unreasonable. We already have 650 miles of border fence. Are they saying there is something inherently evil about what would be the 651st mile?” said Lee. “We are talking about a number that’s infinitesimally small. We’re not talking about 1% or one half of 1% of the budget. It’s necessary to keep our country safe. We need to do it.”

Lee further slammed Democrats for shying away from providing funding for what he characterized as essential border security.

“It is silly and petulant and I call on them to reconsider. They have voted for more funding than this in the past, they need to give this funding now,” he said.