Turd in the punchbowl – Bernick and Schott on politics Ep. 404

Sen. Mitt Romney announced his arrival in Washington with a bang, penning an op-ed slamming President Donald Trump for his lack of character. Reaction from Trump’s supporters has been harsh, and in some cases, over the top.

Rep. Ben McAdams makes good on his campaign promise to not vote for Nancy Pelosi as speaker. He might find himself in a tough spot as other Democrats in Congress are starting to talk about impeaching President Trump.

Utah’s other GOP members of the House will have to adjust to being in the minority. 

The partial government shutdown is stretching into its third week. Rep. John Curtis introduces a bill to stop the paychecks of members of Congress during a shutdown. Sen. Mike Lee says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should allow a vote on a measure to re-open the government, even if the president won’t sign it.

Plus, President Trump endorsed the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and there are no more consequences for lying in American politics.

Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott guide you through a short, but eventful week in Utah politics.