National Headlines 1-17-19

Top Obama White House lawyer mad false statements to DOJ about Manafort-related work (Daily Caller)

Generation Z may be most liberal demographic yet (The Hill)

Waiting for final Mueller report? It may be short on detail (Associated Press)

‘A blemish in his sanctuary’: the battle behind Mark Zuckerberg’s Hawaii estate (Guardian)

Dems, media launch whisper campaign that Lindsey Graham is gay (Grabien)

Not your ‘grandfather’s’ campaign: 2020 Dems look to stand out in crowded race (The Hill)

Preseason is over for Beto O’Rourke (Washington Post)

LA teachers union advocates for illegals, then complains of overcrowded classrooms (EAG News)

Trump denies Pelosi aircraft for foreign trip, after call for State of the Union delay (FOX News)

The stock market hasn’t started a year this strongly since 1987 — uh-oh! (MarketWatch)

The Trump administration is reportedly considering lifting some tariffs on China to help get a trade deal done (Business Insider)