National Headlines 1-24-19

The Media Botched the Covington Catholic Story (Atlantic)

Schumer Shoots Down Bill to Pay Coast Guard (National Review)

New York ‘celebrates’ legalizing abortion until birth as Catholic bishops question Cuomo’s faith (FOX News)

Joe Biden’s Paid Speech Buoyed the G.O.P. in Midwest Battleground (New York Times)

Ocasio-Cortez again only Dem to vote against bill to reopen government (New York Post)

NBC News takes first place in media’s race to destroy Covington Catholic (Washington Examiner)

Native American activist Nathan Phillips has a criminal record (New York Post)

White House preparing draft national emergency order, has identified $7 billion for wall (CNN)

Elizabeth Warren proposes ‘wealth tax’ on Americans with more than $50 million in assets (CNBC)

Why Trump’s immigration compromise is a shrewd move (The Week)

Crisis of Citizenship (National Review)