Local Headlines 1-28-19

Deseret News

Derek Miller: Utah’s growth requires smart policy

Pignanelli and Webb: The Legislature — the people, the process, outcomes

Editorial: Will new homeless shelters make Utah a model for the nation?

Proposal: Some Utah college students would pay no tuition, fees for 2 years

Sen. Mitt Romney says Trump called Democrats’ bluff in ending government shutdown

Utah panel wants Legislature to review local proposals for federal lands designations

Campus safety, massive IT upgrade and more $ for teachers key legislative asks for Utah public schools

Salt Lake County Democrats elect Jenny Wilson as mayor to replace Rep. Ben McAdams

Utah legislators, advocates hope to build on 2018’s push for suicide prevention

Hundreds of Utahns march for 3,200 unborn babies, rally for a bill limiting abortions in Utah

‘I just want to be positive,’ incoming Utah Senate President Stuart Adams says

‘He measures twice and cuts once’: Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson to lead with ‘steady’ hand

Bill would clarify Utah teachers can relay accurate info about contraception

Proposed Utah laws take on fake urine, kratom and overdose deaths

Broadening sales tax base to include services top topic for 2019 Legislature

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Miscalculations hamstring both sides of hate crimes legislation debate

Editorial: Make growth pay for itself. And for TRAX.

Jenny Wilson elected as Salt Lake County’s new mayor

Vote analysis says Utah’s Prop 3 expanding Medicaid not only passed statewide, but in most legislative districts

Utahns in Congress praise ending shutdown, even if it’s temporary. Sen. Mitt Romney says president is ‘calling the Democrats’ bluff.’

Who funds Utah legislators’ campaigns? Special interests provide 82% of money, while voters in lawmakers’ own districts gave only 6%.

A new poll shows just how divided Utahns are on Trump, the border wall and who’s at fault for the shutdown

From a $1B surplus to fights over initiatives, here are five things to keep in mind as Utah’s legislative session starts

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes it to Sundance after all, by Skype, for premiere of documentary about her underdog election win


Utah County’s new deputy clerk/auditor wants to bring digital innovation to the office (Daily Herald)

What to expect from the 2019 Utah Legislative Session (Daily Herald)

Utah County looking for medical cannabis implementation funding this legislative session (Daily Herald)

Utah Rep. Mike Schultz will put focus on safeguarding northern Utah interests in 2019 Legislature (Standard-Examiner)