National Headlines 1-28-19

Half of Americans Wouldn’t Support Trump Impeachment, Have Little Faith in Fairness of Mueller Report, Says New Poll (Newsweek)

US sanctions Venezuelan state-owned oil company as Maduro seeks talks with Trump (ABC News)

Footage Of Shirtless Bernie Sanders Drunkenly Singing With Soviets In ‘88 Surfaces (Forward)

Impeachment cries cloud Democrats’ vow to leave Mueller alone (Politico)

March for Life apologizes to Covington Catholic teens for ‘rush to judgment’ (Washington Times)

What science could teach Ocasio-Cortez about climate change (New York Post)

What history teaches us about raising taxes on the rich (New York Post)

The case for Schultz: He could save Democrats from far-left nominee (Politico)

Whitaker: Mueller probe is ‘close to being completed’ (FOX News)

US unveils its criminal case against Huawei, alleging China giant stole trade secrets and violated Iran sanctions (CNN)

Dems urge ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz not to run for president (New York Post)