National Headlines 1-30-19

Belarusian escort who claimed to have evidence proving Trump-Russia collusion now admits the truth (The Blaze)

Report: Trump can build wall without declaring emergency (Washington Examiner)

Tucker Carlson: Roger Stone raid shows that CNN is no longer covering Robert Mueller. They’re working with him (FOX News)

On patrol with Washington’s plastic-straw cop (Washington Post)

Record Cold Forces Rethink on Global Warming (PJ Media)

Virginia Gov. Northam faces backlash for comments on 3rd-trimester abortion bill (FOX News)

Shock poll: Democratic swing districts back wall, Trump immigration offer (Washington Examiner)

Howard Schultz’s Radical Idea: Nothing Too Radical (TIME)

‘Get this done’: McConnell moves to avoid new shutdown (Politico)

Pompeo confident of Trump-Kim summit in February, tells Fox News he’s helping lay groundwork (FOX News)

Sen. Rand Paul awarded over $580G after he was attacked by neighbor (FOX News)