Bill prohibits using an electric scooter while drunk

Electric Scooter 01


Well, you knew this was coming.

You can’t be drunk or have an open alcoholic container and be driving a motorized scooter, under a bill filed Wednesday in the Utah Legislature.

“What are you in the slammer for, buddy?”

“UMM, I was driving my rented scooter with an open can of beer.”

“Wow, it’s going to be tough on you inside with the hardcore cons, they hate that kind of offense.”

Yep. Sen. Kirk Cullimore, R-Draper, has SB139, which includes the now-popular powered scooter in the open container laws on alcohol.

The bill also says a scooter driver can use a crosswalk, as long as he/she doesn’t run down pedestrians.

And he can drive down the regular roadway, as long as he doesn’t drive faster than 20 mph.

The scooters, connected to the internet and rented via smartphones, have become a popular mode of transportation in downtown Salt Lake City and other larger cities.