Stewart: ‘I’m disappointed’ in compromise to avoid government shutdown

20190212 Stewart CNN

Rep. Chris Stewart said Tuesday he was encouraged that Congress was able to find a solution to avoid a government shutdown, but he was unhappy that the deal only contains a fraction of what President Trump was asking for border security.

Stewart said on CNN that he was disappointed by the compromise reached by negotiators ahead of Friday’s deadline to avoid a government shutdown.

“I’m very disappointed in what I know about this compromise,” he said. “We didn’t get what we wanted. We started out at $25 billion we were requesting for border security. We’re down to something like $1.3 billion. I think the president is very disappointed by that. We didn’t get anything out of this, we didn’t accomplish anything by it.”

Stewart said he hopes Republicans and Democrats can come together and find a way to provide more money for border security, but he believes the ultimate decision will be made by voters during the next election.