Stewart: Banning high-capacity magazines ‘won’t make a difference’ in gun control

20190213 Stewart CNN

Ahead of the one-year anniversary of the Parkland massacre in Florida, Rep. Chris Stewart says a move to ban high-capacity magazines “won’t make difference” in the gun control debate.

Stewart, speaking on CNN Wednesday, said he doesn’t agree with banning magazines that hold more than the standard number of rounds for a gun because it won’t do anything to prevent mass shootings.

“I guess you can take that to its ultimate conclusion to say you should only be able to sell a weapon with one bullet, and that’s all,” said Stewart.

Stewart, who pointed out he was one of the first members of Congress to call for the banning of bump stocks after the Las Vegas massacre, said there were other things that can be done to address gun violence.

“A lot of it is mental health issues that clearly come into play here. We’ve supported tens of millions of dollars to beef up our school security. I think there are things we can agree on. I just don’t agree with that (banning high-capacity magazines),” he said.


Stewart also weighed in on the funding agreement to prevent another government shutdown, saying he was “disappointed” in the lack of funding for border security.