Business Community Supports Utah’s ‘Voter Participation Agreement’

The Salt Lake Chamber commends and supports the compromise reached by the Utah Legislature and the Count My Vote initiative, which maximizes voter participation by modernizing Utah’s election process through a dual primary voting system.

This dual-pronged approach will continue Utah’s caucus-convention system, institute a path for a direct primary and expand the participation of non-affiliated voters.

“The Salt Lake Chamber has been a long-time supporter of the Count My Vote initiative as a way to address declining voter participation. This compromise provides the platform to do just that while preserving direct accountability for those holding office,” said Ron Jibson, chair, Salt Lake Chamber Board of Governors and president and CEO, Questar Corporation. “We commend the great leadership taken by both sides in coming together for the greater good of all Utahns.”

“This agreement will allow Utah to take a major step forward in simplifying the process for voters and for those seeking to run for public office,” said Lane Beattie, president and CEO, Salt Lake Chamber. “Great statesmen at work from both sides of the issue negotiated a win-win for Utahns.”

The Salt Lake Chamber strongly encourages Utah’s Legislature to quickly pass the compromise embodied in Second Substitute Senate Bill 54 and the governor to sign this improved voting system into law.