CYBER24 Episode 45: Trends to watch in cybersecurity this year

CYBER24 season 2 logoIf there’s one thing we’ve learned through two seasons of the CYBER24 podcast (besides you need to do better managing your passwords) it’s that the bad guys are always going to be a step ahead of the good guys.

It’s the nature of playing defense. Just when you stop the current attack, they are already figuring out another way to cause trouble.

In this week’s pod, we sit down with cybersecurity solutions architect, Dan Schulyer, to discuss some of the ways hackers are likely to cause trouble in 2019. We base our discussion on the ideas put forth by Phil Lipman in Forbes, and add our ideas along the way.

So what are those trends? Well, IoT devices may become more prevalent and bring with them more system vulnerabilities; AI will help the bad guys, but will it help the good guys as much? And the sources of our internet connection may face challenges with new network capacity challenging their ability to give us some firewall defenses to which we’ve grown accustomed.