Salt Lake Chamber, U.S. Chamber pledge commitment to advancing commercial ties between Utah and Israel

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The Salt Lake Chamber and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce signed a memorandum of understanding to join forces on a program promoting stronger commercial ties between Utah and Israel, particularly in the water sector where there are opportunities, challenges and a need for cooperation on both sides.

“As the second-driest state in the nation, with a population expected to double by 2050, responsible water usage is critical to Utah’s continued economic prosperity. By working together with our partners in Israel, we will have the opportunity to share with each other best practices to successfully attract new business investment, and develop policy and industry solutions to encourage adoption of new water technologies,” said Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber and Downtown Alliance. “The Salt Lake Chamber is proud to be leading out in these efforts and we look forward to hosting the 2019 Business H2O Summit later this year.”

Under the MOU, the Salt Lake Chamber and the U.S. Chamber will target collaboration in the water sector, creating new research and information sharing opportunities between Utah and Israel to manage limited water resources.

“Water is a critical resource for business,” said Khush Choksy, U.S. Chamber senior vice president for Middle East and Turkey Affairs. “Utah and Israel are leaders in water policy and developing industry solutions in water-scarce areas. We look forward to working with the Salt Lake Chamber together with the U.S. Chamber’s Business Task Force on Water Policy on the Business H2O Summit as a way to spur new partnerships between the U.S. and Israel, accelerate the development and adoption of innovative water technologies, and position Utah and Israel as leaders in water management.”

The Salt Lake Chamber and the U.S. Chamber will work together to:

  • Organize the 2019 Business H2O Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, in cooperation with the Government of Israel and leading private sector organizations in Israel;

  • Develop stronger connections between Utah and Israel focused on expanding trade and building new commercial partnerships in the water sector;

  • Facilitate relationships between government, business and universities in Utah and Israel.